4 steps to take if you are hit by a car on your bicycle

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you are in an automobile collision while riding your bicycle, you are likely due compensation for medical care and property repair. Therefore, it is essential to take appropriate steps to document the accident to ensure you receive the compensation and support you need from your personal injury claim.

Here are four steps to take following your accident with a motor vehicle.

Call the police and ambulance

If it is safe to do so and you are physically capable, call 911. Once there, the police can create a report on the accident and the ambulance can provide you with immediate medical attention.

Take photos of the scene

You can use any photos taken as evidence if you need to file a claim against the vehicle driver. If it is safe, take the pictures as soon as possible after the accident.

Record witness information

Witness accounts are a valuable piece of evidence for your personal injury claim. Take contact information and any statements the witnesses give you at the time of the accident.

Get a medical assessment

It is vital that you receive medical care quickly. This step is a critical factor in your recovery and is another crucial piece to your personal injury claim.

Your risk of an automobile collision while on your bicycle is reasonably significant, with approximately 806 fatal injuries from motor vehicles to bicyclists in 2020. Non-fatal injuries from vehicle collisions tend to be life-changing and would likely require that you have long-term medical support. Understanding the steps you need to take if hit by a car can help strengthen your case to secure the financial support needed to recover.