The importance of preparing for a green card interview

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Individuals from other countries seeking United States citizenship must first obtain a permanent residency or green card. Baltimore residents seeking a green card must first pass an in-person interview at their local immigration office.

Various interview preparation strategies can help improve an applicant’s chances of getting a green card.

What is a green card?

A green card allows non-United States citizens to reside and work in this country without restrictions. Cardholders may also receive federal benefits, sponsor other family members for green cards and retain their country of origin citizenship. After obtaining a green card, single and married people may apply for U.S. citizenship after five and three years, respectively.

How can applicants prepare for an immigration interview?

The green card application process culminates with an in-person interview. A successful interview starts with an applicant’s early arrival at the Baltimore interview site, to go through security checks and long lines. Unfortunately, late arrival to an appointment could lead to the interview’s cancellation.

Applicants should also arrive at the interview wearing conservative attire to convey a sincere attitude. In addition, they must bring government-issued photo identification, the official appointment notice, the required medical examination results, an employment verification letter, or any other paperwork the immigration office requests.

Interviewers expect honest answers to questions about applicants’ identification, employment, criminal history, or marital status. Applicants with spouses who are U.S. citizens must also answer questions about their relationship and living circumstances. Those who do not speak English may ask neutral interpreters to accompany them to the interview.

The road to U.S. citizenship can be long and depends upon obtaining a green card. However, careful preparation and adherence to instructions can ensure a stress-free green card interview and lead to a favorable outcome.