What you need to apply for DACA

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DACA is a federal program that allows some immigrants who entered the U.S. as children to remain. DACA does not grant citizenship, but it gives those who qualify a social security number, work permit and driver’s license.

The initial application sets out the requirements and documentation needed for the government to consider whether a person qualifies for DACA protection. Discover these requirements and what an applicant needs to have to support the request.

Requirements for DACA applicants

The government created DACA to protect children from deportation and allow those who grew up in the U.S. to remain. The basic requirement for DACA is that an applicant must prove he or she entered the country before the age of 16. Anyone 15 years and older may apply for DACA. The program is retroactive, and anyone 31 and under by June 15, 2012, may apply. Other requirements include:

  • Continuous residency in the U.S. since arriving
  • Obtained no lawful status
  • Enrolled in school, graduated or the equivalent, or discharged from the military
  • No felony convictions
  • Not more than three misdemeanors

Documents for support

The government requires documents that support the information in the application. Proof of identity is critical. A birth certificate, military identification or other documents with a photo may work. An applicant must prove entry before the age of 16. The government may accept medical records, pay stubs, school records, or other documents set forth by USCIS.

Applying for DACA gives younger immigrants the chance to live and work in the U.S. Though it does not provide a path to citizenship, it relieves the fear of deportation.