Over 3 million vehicles recalled due to faulty fuel pumps

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Auto manufacturers Toyota and Lexus first issued a recall due to faulty fuel pumps back in January 2020. In March, they expanded the recall to include more vehicles. The manufacturers most recently expanded the recall back in October by 1.5 million vehicles. 

The recall now affects 3.34 million vehicles in all, including SUVs, cars and trucks. When asked whether the issue had caused any injuries or fatalities due to fires or crashes, Toyota declined to comment. 

What problems can the faulty fuel pump cause?

Excessive fuel absorption can cause the fuel pump to stop working. This could cause a crash by making the vehicle hesitate or stall while in motion. Warning lights on the dashboard may indicate a problem, and a driver may notice unusual vibration or noise from the engine. 

How can an owner find out if the recall affects a particular vehicle?

Toyota has expressed an intention to contact owners of vehicles included in the most recent expansion until late December 2020. Consumers who do not want to wait can contact customer service. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a webpage where consumers can check for recalls and safety issues involving their vehicles. The owner needs to enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number in the space provided. If there is a recall or safety issue involving that vehicle, the website will show it. 

What can the owner do if the recall affects the vehicle?

If the recall includes a particular vehicle, the owner can take it to a Toyota dealership and get the fuel pump replaced. The dealership will not charge for this service.